Dentistry is entering a new and exciting era of technology.  Our practice has utilized lasers in patient treatment for 20 years.  We recently incorporated a new Biolase iPlus Laser into our treatment.  This new laser allows us to treat many cavities without anesthesia.  It also can be used to treat periodontal (gum) disease without traditional gum surgery.  We also can perform surgical procedures, such as biopsies and tooth removal, with less bleeding and post-operative discomfort.  In the future you will likely experience this new laser in many aspects of your care in our office.  The iPlus helps our practice to provide an even higher level of excellence in our treatment.


We were one of the first offices to utilize e-mail and text communications to verify appointments.  As these services develop, we strive to improve our communications with our patients.  You will notice a change from our past provider to GURU.  This service will provide you with reminders of your appointments.  In addition, you will receive information about important dental issues and treatment we recommended.  Please contact our office if you have questions or suggestions to improve our communication with you.

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