Missing Teeth? Why Dental Implants are Your Best Option

Dental implants function and look like natural teeth.

Dental implants make it easy to show off your smile. They’re so natural-looking that it’s hard to distinguish them from the real thing. Dental implants also offer numerous other advantages over dentures and bridges for replacing missing teeth.

Sebring, Florida’s most recognized oral health care expert, David E. Willey, DMD, is quite aware of the many benefits dental implants offer when it comes to replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles. Find out why this top-rated dentist encourages his patients to consider implants for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants function like natural teeth.

A dental implant includes a manmade root and above-the-gum crown that looks and functions like a real tooth. The “root” is a small titanium screw-type device that’s anchored in your jaw and then topped by a natural-looking porcelain crown. This provides stability, form, and function that removable dentures and bridges simply cannot equal.

Dental implants are versatile.

We can replace one, two, or a mouthful of teeth with crown-topped implants. If you’d rather, we can also use the root-like implant structure to secure your removable dentures and bridges in place, which helps prevent the slipping and sliding accidents that can make dentures so problematic.

Dental implants support your jaw strength and health.

When your teeth are missing, your jaw and the soft tissue structures providing support for your teeth become unnecessary. This causes them to shrink. As you lose bone density in your jaw, the shape and appearance of your face can change. Created from bone-friendly titanium, dental implants fuse with your jawbone and continue to stimulate ongoing bony and soft tissue support for your teeth and facial structure.

Dental implants help keep your remaining teeth in place and your gums healthy.

Your teeth naturally support one another and help keep neighboring teeth in proper alignment. When you don’t replace missing teeth, the surrounding teeth start to slide into the gap. This can lead to a crooked bite that alters your smile’s appearance and increases your risk of fracturing a tooth as you chew.

It also pulls your gums away from their snug, protective position around your teeth. This creates pouches and spaces in your gums where bacteria can collect and eventually cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental implants are easy to care for.

Just brush and floss your crown-topped dental implants as you would your natural teeth. No soaking or removal for overnight cleaning are required. Return for routine dental exams as scheduled, and we’ll use that visit to check on the “health” of your dental implants and crowns as well as your gums and other oral structures.

Dental implants offer a consistent, cost-effective solution to missing teeth that can last a lifetime.

The overall long-term patient-satisfaction rate with implants remains well above 95%. With proper care, your implants can last a lifetime and are consistently cost-effective compared to other solutions, such as dentures and bridges.

Your oral health and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we dentists greatly appreciate the health benefits and cosmetic appeal dental implants provide for our patients. It’s hard to find a better solution than dental implants for replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles.

If you’d like more information about dental implants, schedule a visit with Dr. David Willey today. Call the office, or request an appointment online to get started with your smile makeover.


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