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Dr. Willey goes above and beyond what one would expect of their dentist. He does fabulous work, is very detailed and genuinely cares about giving his patients the best possible smile.

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restorative dentistry patientRestorative Dentistry – Sebring FL

Over the years your smile goes through a lot. Cavities, injury and disease are a few of the pitfalls that can leave you with a smile that doesn’t function properly or causes daily pain. Restorative dental care from Dr. Willey can recreate your beautifully formed, perfectly functioning smile using advanced technology and techniques. You can enjoy your regular diet and regular activities again. Begin the journey toward renewed health today!


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes injury or disease deals one’s oral health a very significant blow. In generations past, that individual might have only been able to expect a very challenging life when it came to their ability to enjoy a healthy diet and interact normally with others. Thankfully, advances in dental medicine mean today’s patients have a much better outlook. A full mouth reconstruction often involves a combination of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, coordinated to give the patient dental form and function. These treatments build upon one another, helping reach the patient’s unique smile goals in the shortest time possible. From implant-supported restorations to crowns, bridges and other options, Dr. Willey gives you the full array of treatment options you need to rejuvenate your oral health and get back to your normal life!


Implant-Supported Denture

When you are missing a complete set of upper or lower teeth, the supportive structures of your mouth are no longer stimulated. This causes muscle, soft tissues and bone to shrink away, which can dramatically alter your appearance over time. Plus, your diet and eating habits will likely change, which can impact your overall health and well being. Great fitting, natural looking dentures from Dr. Willey can help you regain your normal looks, your normal function and your normal lifestyle. Using today’s techniques, Dr. Willey creates dentures that sit correctly in your mouth, minimizing shifting during speaking and eating. You’ll be amazed!


Partial Dentures

When you are missing several teeth in a row, not only can your underlying structures like your gums and jawbone begin to atrophy, you may also see your other teeth begin to move about in your mouth as they shift toward the gap. A partial denture restores function to that area of your mouth and, quite literally, helps keep your other teeth in line. Partials from Dr. Willey look great, feel great and fit great. You’ll love the way they allow you to get back to your normal life.



When a tooth is significantly damages or misshapen due to injury or disease, a filling may not be sufficient for restoring the shape of your tooth or protecting it from future harm. A crown restores the shape of your entire tooth while utilizing the natural tooth structure beneath as its supportive structure. Dr. Willey artistically designs all-ceramic, porcelain crowns, painstakingly selecting their size, shape and shade of white to flawlessly match your natural teeth. Or, you can choose gold or porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns. After a little tooth preparation, he will permanently bond your crown into place, checking to make sure it feels natural as you bite down. You’ll love the way it looks and feels!



When you are missing a tooth, that small black hole in your smile feels like a cavern. Not only is it one of the most noticeable dental injuries, it also has the potential to cause significant problems later on. You may begin chewing differently, altering your bite pressure, and your other teeth may shift toward the gap causing more troublesome spaces. A porcelain bridge utilizes the teeth on either side of the gap as the supportive structure for a porcelain restoration that looks and feels completely natural. After a little tooth preparation, lifelike porcelain crowns will be placed on the neighboring teeth. Between these teeth, the restoration will be fused into place. The results will be virtually undetectable from the rest of your teeth, and with proper care, your new, complete smile will last many years.