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Sooner or later, most people need to have a tooth filled. If you have a cavity or tooth damage, the dental experts at David E. Willey, DMD in Sebring, Florida can provide comprehensive care. Dr. Willey and his team offer high-quality composite fillings that match the look and feel of your natural teeth. Most fillings can be placed quickly and easily, in just one office visit. Let Dr. Willey and his staff help you resolve all your dental concerns. Call the office today or book an appointment online.

Fillings Q & A

What is a filling?

A filling is a material that's applied to your tooth to correct a dental problem. Dental fillings can help:

  • Treat cavities
  • Repair cracked teeth
  • Resurface worn-down teeth

Many different fillings are available, and most modern options do an excellent job of matching the color and texture of your teeth. While old-fashioned metal fillings can be quite noticeable, new composite fillings are discreet and look natural.

What happens if I need to have a tooth filled?

Most people need at least one filling during their lifetime. Fortunately, having a tooth filled is usually a simple procedure. If Dr. Willey determines that you need a filling, he can help you review your treatment options and select the type of filling that's right for you.

Before your procedure, you receive an anesthetic to numb the affected area. The anesthetic prevents you from feeling any discomfort while Dr. Willey and his team are working on your teeth.

If you have a cavity, Dr. Willey first removes the decay and prepares the tooth for filling. Next, he develops the filling, fills the cavity, and polishes your tooth. This process doesn't take long. A simple filling may take less than 15 minutes.

Can a receive a filling in a cracked or broken tooth?

A cracked, broken, or damaged tooth may need extra care. Depending on the extent of the damage, Dr. Willey and his team might need to perform other procedures to save your tooth. He may recommend another treatment like a root canal before applying a filling.

It sometimes takes more than one office visit to repair a badly damaged tooth. But no matter what your dental concern, Dr. Willey and his staff can help you develop a pain-free treatment plan.

Will having a filling affect my smile?

Many patients worry that a filling will spoil their bright smile. But Dr. Willey's office provides advanced treatments that produce natural-looking results. A properly applied filling is usually undetectable by anyone other than Dr. Willey.

If you're struggling with cosmetic dental concerns, you have options. Dr. Willey and his team also offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, including Biolase teeth whitening, to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Ready to learn more about your options for fillings? Call the office today or book an appointment online.